LIF has more than 20 years experience in conservation & protection of natural resources

A Leading NGO in Leuser Conservation

Leuser International Foundation (LIF)  is  a Non Government Organization which strives to conserve the 2,6 million hectares of national Leuser forest ecosystem located in Aceh and North Sumatra provinces of Indonesia. The foundation has more than 20 years conservation experience in protection  of natural resources and endangered species, community development, and capacity building for environmental stakeholders and policy makers. The foundation was founded in 1994 by several prominent figures, i.e. active ministers, environmental activists, academicians and region leaders from Aceh and North Sumatera provinces. As the oldest local conservation foundation  in the region, LIF has strong relation with various conservation stakeholder e.g. academician, local NGO and policy makers.

Our Reputation in Leuser Development Programs

The  first and largest program implemented by LIF was the Leuser Development Program/ LDP (1995-2004) funded by European Commission/ EC - 31 million Euro and Government of Indonesia/GOI - 6 million Euro. The   major achievements of the project i.e. establishment of Elephant Patrol Unit, finalization the delineation of Leuser Ecosystem boundaries, rehabilitation of Singkil - Bengkung wildlife corridors, published and distributed Buku Ajar Leuser (environmental textbooks) for schools in 11 districts located around the ecosystem. Among the major conservation victories achieved were; the closure of several road projects that would have destroyed the Leuser Ecosystem, the cancellation of six logging concessions and three inappropriately sited plantations, the termination of several swamp drainage schemes, and the saving of almost half a million ha of forest that would otherwise  have been clear felled and converted to agriculture.