Why We Conserve Leuser?

The   Leuser National Park has been recognised as a “World Heritage Site” by   UNESCO.  The Leuser Ecosystem constitutes the third largest tropical   rainforest complex in the world, after Amazon Forest in Brazil and the   Zaire Forest in Africa. Source of direct livelihoods, water supplies  and  food supply for more 4 millions people in Aceh and North Sumatra.  Wide  range of habitats including beaches, swamps, rivers, lowlands,  highlands  and mountains. The only ecosystem in the world where five  rare wildlife  species live side by side in the same region, i.e. the  Sumatran  Elephant (Elephas maximus), the Sumatran Rhino (Dicerorhinus   sumatranus), the Sumatran Tiger (Phantera tigris sumatrae), the Malayan   Sunbear (Helarctos malayanus) and the Sumatran Orang-utan (Pongo   abelii). Hundred million dollar of economic value of environmental   services.

Threats in Leuser

Deforestation rate of 23,000 hectares annually. Severe depletion with the loss of more than 1,6 million hectares in the last 60 years. Poorly controlled infrastructure development and mining. Conversion of forest to tree crop plantations (palm oil). Settlement expansion. Smallholder encroachment, illegal logging, poaching and many more..