On 17 to 19 September 2013, the LIF along with Bryan Rick Switzer and Kanchana Aksorn-Aree from the U.S. Embassy in Thailand, visited several schools in Subulussalam municipality and South Aceh district. This is because the U.S. Embassy is one of LIF’s donors for Environmental Education activities in schools and communities around the Leuser Ecosystem.

The first school visited was MTsN Simpang Kiri Subulussalam. This school has 500 students and the Eco Club has been established here since 2009. In a meeting before the students and teachers of MTsN Simpang Kiri, the School Principal said he was pleased his school could be a part of the LIF’s Eco Club and expressed his hope that the training for teachers on the use of the Leuser school textbooks could be done soon. The next visit was to SMP Negeri 3 Sultan Daulat (a public Junior High School) in Subulussalam and SMP Negeri 1 (another public Junior High School) in Trumon Timur, South Aceh. Both schools welcomed the Eco Club program launched by LIF and the use of Leuser textbooks in their school.

The guests from the US Embassy, accompanied by senior LIF staff, also visited the Conservation Response Unit (CRU) in Trumon, operated by LIF with funding from TFCA Sumatra.

Upon returning from the visit, the U.S. Consulate in Medan made a Press Release on the funding aid and the visit to the field by officials of the American Embassy. The event was organized by Olson Trevor, Deputy U.S. Consul in Medan and staff and attended by a number of journalists and representatives of relevant government agencies and several environmental NGOs operating in the provinces of Aceh and North Sumatra. The press release said among other things that the U.S. Embassy was pleased with the Environmental Education program run by LIF as a concrete step to motivate children, teachers and the community and increase public awareness on the importance of safeguarding the environment both at the present time and in the future.


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