• Mr. Franck Viault (Head of Cooperation), Ms. Marja Daffern (Deputy Head of Finance, Contracts and Audit) and Mr. Giovanni Serritella (Programme Manager for Environment, Climate change and FLEGT-VPA) of the EU Delegation to Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and ASEAN visited the base camp of the Elephant Patrol Unit (EPU), which is managed  and operated by LIF, at Aras Napal on Thursday, 16 April 2015. More

  • Seven of the world's rarest rhinoceroses have been found in a national park in Indonesia. This is the first time the creatures have been seen in 26 years. Deforestation is still pushing the Sumatran toward extinction.

    Hidden cameras buried deep in an Indonesian national park have snapped images of seven critically endangered Sumatran rhinos. The rhinos haven't been seen in more than a quarter of a century and conservationists had feared the Sumatran was extinct. But, six females and one male rhino are now known to live in the Mount Leuser National Park, which is on the northern tip of Sumatra. More

  • The Leuser Management Unit (LMU), while implementing the Leuser Development Programme (funded jointly by the EU and GoI), officially launched the Elephant Patrol Unit (EPU) in Aras Napal on 9 May 2000 and this was the first of its kind in Indonesia. More

  • The Conservation Response Unit (CRU) will mitigate human-elephant conflicts. This Unit has four trained elephants under the supervision of a mahout provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA). The project will support the initial cost for the infrastructure development of the CRU and also support its operational costs until 2016. The elephants will be supported and the local community will participate in monitoring wildlife conflicts and illegal forestry activities. More

  • Dr. Jamal Gawi, MES, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Leuser International Foundation, participated in a discussion on Tigers (Wildlife Protection Series) at @america Pacific Place in Jakarta on Wednesday, 1 October 2014. More


Board of Directors

We are pleased to provide you with a brief description of the members of the Board of Directors (BoD) of the Leuser International Foundation. This Board of Directors have been legally registered in the presence of Notary Public Ms. Dorothea Samola, SH through the Declaration of Result of a Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Leuser Internasional Foundation.

The structure of the Board of Directors for the period, 2011-2016 is as follows :


Jamal M. Gawi is the Chairperson of the Board of Directors (BoD) of the Leuser International foundation. He earned his Master's degree in Environmental Studies (MES) at York University, Canada. He has earned his Phd degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Indonesia (UI). At the moment he is the Chief Advisor to the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for its Restructuring and Rehabilitation Program in Aceh and Nias.

He had also worked for several years as Coordinator for the Forestry Program and Development of the Buffer Zone under Leuser Management Unit which was funded jointly by the European Union and the Government of Indonesia.

He had also served as Chairperson of the LIF Board of Advisors and also as Advisor for the Environment and Natural Resources Management for CIDA in Indonesia. In the past he had also been the Academic and Training Director at the Centre for Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Syiah Kuala (Unsyiah). He is also a fellow of Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) International located in London.


Vice Chairperson

Hendardi is currently serving as Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Leuser International Foundation. Actually, he is also a member of the LIF Board of Trustees for the period, 2002-2007.

He is currently active as the Chairperson of the Board of Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI), a member of the Expert Council of the Indonesian Lawyers' Association (SPI), a Founding Member of Human Rights Working Group (HRWG), a Founding Council Member of the Bandung Rural Development and Educational Institute (LPPP) and Chairperson of the Ambonese Tapak Legislative Council. Previously he had been active in a variety of teams and committees such as Vice Chairman of the Human Rights Violation Investigation Committee (KPP HAM) for the case of Trisakti and a Member of the Fact Finding Committee relating to the death of Munir, a human rights activist (Keppres No. 111 of 2004).

His international experience included participation in a six-month apprentice program at the Human Rights Information Study Centre at Utrecht, the Netherlands (September 1986 - March 1987), the World Human Rights Conference in Vienna, Austria (1993), the session of the UN Human Rights Sub-Committee in Geneva, Swiss in 1995 and the session of the UN High Commission for Human Rights in Geneva, Swiss in 1997, 1998, 1999 and also 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. He had followed a course at the Civil Technological Institute in Bandung (1978 to 1986, not completed). His works included the production of 750 articles, and the presentation of more than 200 papers at various seminars, dialogs and discussions.

Awards received included the Human Rights Award from Human Rights Watch in New York and Washington D.C, USA (December 1991) for his role in monitoring and investigating the Military Operation Area (DOM) in Aceh and the Lampung case (Way Japara and Pulo Panggung). He was also selected to represent Asia with five other representatives from other continents to attend the 20th anniversary celebration of Human Rights Watch and the 50th anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights in Los Angeles, USA (November 1998). He also received an award from Paul Harris Fellow of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International for his role in promoting human dignity and relationship (June 2000) and another award from the State Minister for Human Rights Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia for his contribution to the enforcement and development of Human Rights in Indonesia (29 August 2000).


Vice Chairperson

Doris P. Sugiharjanto is the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Leuser International Foundation. She is Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Del Foundation in Jakarta speaks three languages, namely Indonesian, English and French.

She earned her Master's Degree (Drs) from the Department of Political Science (FISIP) of the University of Indonesia and her MA degree in History & DEA (Diplome d'Ecole Approfondie, kandidat doctor)from Paris. She had also been a journalist of the KOMPAS national newspaper.




R. Dwiyanto Prihartono is the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Leuser International Foundation. He is an Advocate and a Managing Partner of the PRIHARTONO & PARTNERS Law Office. He is also active in the Indonesian Legal Aid and Human Rights Association, and the National Council of Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI) to this day and had worked for the Jakarta Legal Aid Body (1989-1997).

A graduate of the University of Krisnadwipayana in Jakarta (1989), he had also participated in several international training courses in the Netherlands and Australia. He had also worked with various organizations in the past such as Indonesian Law Students Association (IKA PERMAHI), the Indonesian Lawyers' Association (IKADIN), and the National Committee on Legal Matters (KHN).

He was also Chairperson of WALHI on the national level (199-2002) and Head of the Operational Section of the Legal Aid Society in Jakarta (1989).


Vice Secretary

Syarifah Nuly Nazlia was appointed Vice Chairperson of the LIF Board of Directors in July 2011. She is the General Manager of PT. Dharma Putra Pratama where she had previously worked as the Operation Manager for 1.5 years. She is also the Deputy Director of Gabungan Usaha Penunjang Minyak dan Gas Bumi (GUSPEN MIGAS), and the Secretary General of Asosiasi Pengusaha Wellhead Indonesia (APWI). She started her career in 2000 where she worked for Asian Development Bank (ADB) “Privatization of Water Supply in Sumatera” project. After finishing her contract in ADB, she pursue her career in the private sector as director to PT. Hanly Bina Mandiri and PT. Nusaraya Mitra Energi. From 2005 to 2009 she dedicated herself in the public sector where she worked in BRR NAD –Nias and also Bappenas as Technical Assistant to the coordinating unit in the central Government for the continuance of BRR NAD-Nias programs (BKRAN).



Tuti Pujiarti was appointed Treasurer of the Board of Directors (BoD) of Leuser International Foundation in July 2011. Prior to that, she was assisting this BoD as a Financial Consultant. She has more than 15 years of experience working and supervising the Admin and Finance Division of several private companies and NGO’s. At the moment she is also the Treasurer of Perkumpulan Arus Pelangi and the Finance Coordinator of Perhimpunan Bantuan Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia Indonesia (PBHI).


What steps are being taken by the LIF to promote the conservation of Leuser?
How will the people of Aceh and North Sumatra directly benefit from the conservation of the Leuser Ecosystem ?
What actions were taken by LIF relating to the earthquake and tsunami disaster in NAD and North Sumatra?

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